I was born in Summer 1977 in Lódz/Poland.
My first performance on stage took place when I was 5 years old. I was playing a little son of Madame Butterfly in the opera „Madame Butterfly“ at the state theatre of Lódz. Since then I was always fascinated by life performances of Art, Theatre and Music and the need to become an artist myself began to grow. However, it took a long time before I was ready. my musical career started quite late.
Making music means a lot to me, it gives me freedom, it keeps me going on and it has a big influence on my creativity and my whole life. Live performances of my music are the best chance to reach people’s hearts and present myself in an honest, true, spontaneous and creative way.
My musical interests reach from standart jazz, bossa nova, modern jazz, latin jazz to fusion jazz. But also the experimental jazz is something I like to explore. My own compositions are presented not only in the English language, but also in Polish.
4 of my compositions have been published in The German Book Vol.I.
In Oktober 2010 my first album entitled GOSIA ROGALA GROUP „Wishing For Light Days“ has been released.